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As we seek to follow Jesus and embrace God’s dream for our beloved community, we:

Cultivate intergenerational, inclusive, supportive community

  • Build fellowship across generations in small groups, at potluck, Church Retreat, and in our daily lives, spurring one another on toward love and good deeds

  • Bless and include children and the elderly

  • Welcome and share power across social divides

  • Celebrate the LGBTQ members of our community

  • Challenge racism in ourselves and in our world

  • Practice presence, prayer, and mutual aid across the community


Pursue creative participatory worship 

  • Invite any and everyone in the community to help lead us in worship

  • Create space for many different gifts to be used in worship

  • Invite the community to share reflections, joys and burdens in worship


Support diverse paths of spiritual development

  • Create spaces for people to tell their stories and bear witness to God in their life

  • Invite the community to engage in contemplative spiritual practice

  • Sing praises together often

  • Create space for people to explore scripture and theology, as well as important issues in church and the world together.

  • Connect people to the Anabaptist/Mennonite tradition and the broader Mennonite Church


Build connections for peace and justice between the congregation, the local community, and the world.

  • Pursue Justice, Peace, Equity, and Solidarity with those who are struggling in our congregation, community, region, and world

  • Connect the congregation to Mennonite institutions, the work they do, and the opportunities they make available for us.

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