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In keeping with the Anabaptist tradition of gathering around particular practices that goes back to various movements across 16th century Europe, faith at PMC is not focused on a creedal formulation of theology to which people are required to agree.  Faith at PMC focuses on shared commitments formed in response to God’s invitation, found in Scripture, the world, and our own consciences, to seek and find life and peace together.  We depend on the Holy Spirit’s leading and empowerment in each moment and trust that, in the face of the mystery of God, and the diversity within our community, we will find a common path forward.


Guiding us on this path is a commitment to living into Jesus’ vision of beloved community (the Kingdom of God) and to interpreting his teachings in our life together.  Faith is our trust that God’s love draws us into the freedom of giving and receiving gifts - the gifts of presence, celebration, worship, compassion, peacemaking, mutual aid, mutual challenge, and mutual encouragement toward growth.


-- Working Draft, Spring 2023

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