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Adult Education

Commission Chair: Mary Schrag

Adult Education Commission encourages the spiritual, theological, and intellectual growth of adult PMC participants through offering opportunities for fellowship, conversation, spiritual practice, and teaching from an Anabaptist perspective. Learn more...

Children and Youth Education

Commission Chair: Flora Hammond

Children and Youth Education Commission supports spiritual and intellectual development for PMC children and youth, creating spaces and opportunities for fellowship, conversation, spiritual practice, fun, and teaching from an Anabaptist perspective. Learn more...



Commission Co-Chairs: Clair Cannon, Nick Dobratz

Facilities Commission manages the congregation’s buildings, grounds, and equipment to best serve the congregation’s mission and priorities. Learn more..


Commission Chair: Phillip De Luna

The purpose of the Worship Commission is to facilitate meaningful individual and corporate worship experiences in the PMC Community. Learn more...


Peace & Justice

Commission Chair: N/A

Peace and Justice Commission extends God’s blessing out from the congregation into the local community and beyond by creating opportunities for congregants to work for peace and justice and environmental sustainability, partnering with organizations doing good work, and supporting the work of our regional conference of churches. Learn more...

Pastoral Care Team

Team Chair: Jen Seaman

The Pastoral Care Team comes alongside congregational participants offering presence and prayer to those who desire it.  The team draws on the Christian tradition of mutual care and support, inviting the Holy Spirit into its work. Learn more...

Listening Team 3.jpg
Listening Team 3.jpg

Listening Team

Team Chair: Scott Holland

The Listening Team fosters congregational clarity by seeking and collecting the congregation’s thoughts and feedback and reporting back to the congregation and church leadership. Learn more...

Engagement Guides

Team Chair: Karen Howard

The Engagement Guides build connections between individual participants, the congregation and its mission by fostering relationships and inviting participants to use their gifts and passions to contribute. Learn more...



Commission Co-Chairs: Delo Blough & Rachel Dean

Hospitality Commission provides friendly and generous reception of guests, visitors, strangers and participants and the nurturing of community life through fellowship and recreational activities. Learn more...

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