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PMC's Covid and Masking Policy (Rev. Jan. 2024)

  • PMC welcomes masking by anyone who wishes to do so.

  • Masks will be available in the foyer, both medical-grade disposable masks and KN95 masks.

  • We will continue to provide a Zoom option for Sunday services.

  • We ask that anyone who is ill and/or has a known exposure to a respiratory illness choose not to attend gatherings in-person.

  • Small groups may establish a masking protocol at the discretion of their members.

  • We will continue to share monthly potluck meals together, and will make sure spaces are available for smaller groups to share the meal together in order to reduce exposure to respiratory illnesses.

  • PMC has resources available for assisting anyone who has trouble accessing Covid vaccines, Covid tests, or treatment when ill with Covid.

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