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At Pittsburgh Mennonite Church, we recognize the sacred worth and dignity of all people and celebrate the image of God manifested in the mosaic of our community.  We are enriched by diversity in race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, physical and mental health, education, economic standing, and marital status.  These beautiful manifestations of difference stand as a call to be in relationship with each other, never an excuse to limit membership or interrupt fellowship in church.  God has welcomed us all.


To Be Living Witnesses

We want to demonstrate with our lives that Love wins over all else.  At PMC, we practice joyful hospitality, seek and pray for peace, and celebrate life in God’s embrace together.  We witness to Jesus’ life as justice and joy flourish in our fellowship as an increasingly inclusive and diverse community.  Witness to Jesus’ life when we pursue justice and joy alongside our neighbors, seeking change in our borough, our city, and our region.

To Be Community

We love each other.  Our relationships are our most treasured gift.  PMC is where people listen to each other as we face the struggles, joys, questions, and absurdity of life.  We believe God comes to us when we band together in honesty and vulnerability, solidarity and joy.

To Worship

At PMC we want to offer our lives to God.  We sing together.  We pray together.  We listen for the Word and Spirit of God together.  We work. We play. We weep. We celebrate.  We act in the hope of creating something pleasing and beautiful with our lives.

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