Early Morning Birding

suI have only lived in Pittsburgh for about 2 years, and each spring I’m more and more impressed with Frick Park.
This spring, more than 100 different species of bird will travel through Pittsburgh and stop in Frick Park as they migrate from their southern winter-homes to their northern summer-homes.  This past Sunday, 6 friends and I took a relaxed walk along part of the Nine Mile Run trail, binoculars in hand, and identified roughly 16 different species of birds.  I’m no expert, but I enjoyed tutoring my friends in distinguish between the various songs we heard, directing our attention to the different colors, body and beak shapes, and behaviors of different birds, and waiting to see what rare birds we might encounter.  I had never seen a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher before, but one paid us a visit; we got a good look at it and we enjoyed hearing its song.  Birding in Pittsburgh is like visiting a special mystery zoo.  I never know what I’ll see, admission is free, and in a way I feel like Pittsburgh is my enclosure and the birds are coming to visit me.bir

Photos by Cheri High-Beckford

Article by Kaleem Kheshgi

Lent Story Series

pmc-23As Worship Commission started thinking about Lent and planning for our Lenten services, we decided to form an ad hoc committee to pull in additional members of the congregation. In the past, we have asked people from the congregation to share during the service in place of the sermon, and we decided to give Dave a break from preaching for Lent.

Each Sunday, we have 3-4 people from the congregation share on the weekly theme.  We sing one verse of a hymn between each story to provide a separation and to help us move on to the next story.  The sharing creates a space for community in the service and helps us be vulnerable with each other.

We love hearing from people in the congregation, and we hope you enjoy it as well!