Anita Hooley-Yoder

Anita Hooley Yoder is a writer and editor who lives in Cleveland Heights Ohio with her husband Ben.  She lived in Pittsburgh as a PULSE participant in 2007-2008 and was our pastoral intern at PMC. She is a graduate of Goshen College and Bethany Theological Seminary. “I’ve Read Too Much Poetry For That: Poetry, Personal Transformation, and Peace” was the winning essay in the 2014 Bethany Peace Essay Contest.  [Read more…]

To Be, Or Not To Be (a member), That Is The Question!

Shakespeare's Ultimate QuestionYou’ve made PMC your place to be on Sunday mornings, and probably more than that with meetings and fun events happening each month. Is it time to “define the relationship”? Whether you know you want to become a member, or you’ve got a lot of questions like Shakespeare, the membership classes are for you. The first starts this Sunday, May 17, followed by the next two Sundays (May 24 and May 31) during the Sunday School hour, starting at 9:15am. Get answers to your questions, hear what membership is all about (secret handshake???) and find out a little about the people occupying those pews near you. Let Dave know by calling 412-925-0510 or emailing